This is my Strawberry Jam entry for House of the Rising Sun, a modular porn game that I've been thinking about making for literally years. It will not be complete for the jam, but will have at least one complete path that can be played to the end.

It will also be eyewateringly pornographic*. You have been warned.

For now, the only playable character is Lewis, aka Tall Guy In Wool Coat With Cheekbones. He can be selected from the Romantic or Hardcore menu, but I haven't written the actual date part yet, just the sexytiem. I haven't written all of Lewis' path, but it has at least two variants that you can play to the end.

NOTE: This plays on mobile, but is wonky as hell. Every time you visit a new passage, scroll up as for some reason it scrolls straight to the bottom.

*there are playable non-sex options - however, the rest of the game will be quite explicit.

EDIT: The link "Sex?" in Lewis' path now has CONTENT!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMs .45
Made withTwine
TagsDating Sim, Erotic, sex, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi Ms .45, just letting you know that when I tried to run the game via this webpage (even without scripts blocked), I received the message:

"Sorry to interrupt, but this story's code has got itself in a mess.




ou may be able to continue playing, but some parts may not work properly."

for the active script listed as "" on Firefox (fully updated).  Do you have any idea why that would be &/or how to fix it?  The only thing viewable in the actual game window is the menu on the left ("Rewind", "Restart", & "Bookmark"), but they are not selectable & only highlight upon hover-over.  Hope this helps.  Regardless, game sounds promising - Great work in my opinion still! -KC

(O////O)  oh my..... 8/10 for now only because it's not finished. So far its awesome though.

*blush* thank you!!

Of course! I hope to see more of this, It's really amazing so far. 

ok so... if I was to write more of this, would you want to see a) more of Lewis' path (ie the non-sexual dating stuff) or b) a different character?


Lol hm...yeah, the one for Lewis is really fun to read. But if I had to choose, I'd want to try a different character's path, but that's because I was really curious about tattooed guy from the start.  >////>

I just discovered this game and I love the concept! I hope you update soon <3

ahhhhhh thank you ;_;

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This is so good! I do wish the date options actually had you two going through the date together, though I figure that will come later, when you've finished more of the game. 

Thank you! I do have some of the stuff written, I just need to implement it... ironically, I work as a video game writer so I don't have time?????

Oh man, well, whenever you get time I'll be happy to see more of it! Even if it isn't Sun-related, I was reading your other stuff too and I really like your writing!

*blushes* oh you!